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Learning Tips

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Learning Tips
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Learning Tips
For details, visit the Lesson Plans' page of Learning Abilities Books.

  1. Spelling
    Find little words inside of big words.


      Do is in the word, does. Write do. Then write es.

      Ear is in the word, hear, meaning to listen.

      Our is in the word, your. Both words are possessive.
      Think of your school and our school.

      Ate is in the word, Strategy. The two words aren't related
      but this helps us put the a and the e in the right places.

    See the lesson plan, Spelling with Memory Cues, on the Learning Abilities Books site for more examples.

    Send a memory cue for spelling. If I use it, I'll link to your school site. I will link to some personal sites also. Look at all of the memory cues on my spelling page before sending one. My email address is on that page.

  2. Vocabulary
    Learn the meanings of words in songs. You hear the words again and again. This makes it easy to remember how the words are used. You just need to learn the meanings. You already know how the words are used.

    For more help with this, ask your parents and teachers to see the lesson plan, Vocabulary on the Learning Abilities Books site.

  3. Left and Right
    If you are left-handed, you use left-handed scissors. Left is your scissors' hand.
    If you are right-handed, you use right-handed scissors. Right is your scissors' hand.

    For more help with this, ask your parents and teachers to see the lesson plan, Right and Left and the worksheet which goes with it.

  4. Writing Numbers Correctly
    This is how to remember which way to write numbers. See the pictures at Digit Reversal Correction Links on the Lesson Plans' page for more details. The pictures show you how to check to see if you write your numbers correctly.

    If you are left-handed, keep your pencil in the hand that you use for writing while you check.

    If you are right-handed, move your pencil to the hand that you don't use for writing while you check.

    The pictures make this easy to understand and to remember.

  5. Remembering How to Remember
    Memory experts have many tips to make learning quicker and easier.

      Association is one tip.
      Link what you need to learn to what you already know.
        Find little words you already know inside of bigger words you need to learn.

      Repetition is another tip.
        Say or sing something over and over.
        It is easy to remember words that you hear again and again in songs.

    I have two pages about this on the Learning Abilities Books site. Remember the Cat is the kid's page. Another page, Remembering How to Remember, gives parents and teachers some background information.


In my Bookstore at Learning Abilities Books, you'll find many books for children and grown-ups about helping you do better in school and after school. Here are a few of them.

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