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Albert standing in a beam of early morning sunlightAlbert is spotlighted in the early morning sunlight.

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I didn't have a horse when I was a child but I loved to ride. Here is a picture of me taking my first ride. My dad needed to help me.

During my childhood, I often rode horses owned by friends. The horses included three-gaited pleasure horses, five-gaited show horses, Tennessee walking horses, and even a shire. I trained a palomino filly which had never been riden. I rode in some parades. When I grew up and had a family of my own, my husband and I bought a wonderful appaloosa named, Albert.

Our daughter, Linda, and I paused for a picture with Albert. We kept him in a large pasture which had three pecan trees.

Here are pictures of Albert and our daughter, Sarah Ann, among the huge azaleas and live oak trees drapped in Spanish moss in Brunswick, GA.

In 1989, the great snow came to Brunswick. It covered the grass and stayed for three or more days! For South Georgia, that was a lot of snow. I think this was the first time Albert had seen snow. These pictures show how he felt about it. Linda is in the last picture.

Albert's goody bag was kept in the refrigerator. We filled it with outer leaves of lettuce; end pieces from loaves of bread; and peelings from carrots, apples, and even cooked sweet potatoes. In the early morning mist, he looked at the camera like he thought it was his goody bag until he sniffed it.

He was a true vegetarian. He liked sweet potatoes but he would not eat them with butter. He had to have vegetable oil based margarine. He hated butter or any meat product including eggs. He loved rolls but he would not eat muffins or corn bread. Somehow, he knew there were eggs in them.

One story in Albert, the Apple-eating Appaloosa is about Albert and Linda's teacher who lived near the pasture. Albert got out of the pasture early one morning. The teacher ran into the house to find a treat for Albert. He hoped Albert would follow him back to the barn for the treat. He had no apples or pears. The only possible horse food he could find was a sweet roll. He didn't know if Albert would like it. The teacher tore off a little piece for Albert. He loved it. He would have followed the teacher anywhere for the rest of that roll! He walked beside the teacher's elbow all the way to the barn. It is good that the teacher didn't offer him a muffin. Albert would have paid no attention to it.

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