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Ten Thousand White Horses book

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Albert the Apple Eating Appaloosa book

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About 95% of the words are Dolch sight words in the stories about Albert.

Horses are my favorite subjects for my books and short stories for children.

10,000 White Horses is a children's book which was fun to write and it is fun to read. Catharine Varnedoe said it was fun to illustrate.

When I was a child, I loved children's stories about the white horses of the sea. In my book, a child pretends the waves' white foam has ten thousand white horses. She catches white horses and rides them to shore - ten thousand white horses and more. The words catch the galloping rhythm of the horses and the swirling movements of the sea.

Albert and Betsy This is a picture of me with Albert. He is in my children's book, Albert, the Apple-eating Appaloosa. There are many pictures of him on this site. The children's book about him is illustrated by photos which we took over many years. He was a funny and lovable horse.

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