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Click on book cover to order A Lucky Pair
by Frances Dinkins Strong
A Tennessee walking horse (Lucky) is rescued by a visually impaired girl (Amy). Learn how Lucky wins her heart. See how Amy almost misses the chance to buy Lucky. In spite of the best medical attention, Lucky becomes blind in one eye. Enjoy how Lucky and Amy meet each other's needs. Feel the excitement as Lucky becomes lost. Experience the warm reunion and the experiences of other children with Lucky. Relax as they are blessed by the good life. See why they are truly a lucky pair. Visit the author's website.

cover Robert, the Rose Horse
by Joan Heilbroner
Since 1962, children have been entertained by this light-hearted story about a city horse with an allergy. Reading level: Ages 4-8

cover Rocking Horse Christmas
by Mary Pope Osborne, Ned Bittinger (Illustrator)

book cover Horses and Their Women
by Barbara E. Cohen, Louise Taylor
This has many photographs and short tales about women and horses.

cover How Do You Wrap a Horse?
by Diana Klemin, Chris L. Demarest (Illustrator)
Humm. This is quite a question for the children who want to give their mother a horse. One reviewer referred to it as an uneventful story. In my opinion, the whole book is a delightful event. When we gave our children a horse for Christmas, we put his name in a small box and hung it on the Christmas tree.

book cover Justin Morgan Had a Horse
by Marguerite Henry
Hard Cover     Paperback
The Morgan breed began with a hearty, loveable, little horse. He has exciting adventures as he becomes stronger and faster than many larger horses.

book cover
Hardcover 352 pages, ages 9-12
book cover Paperback
Black Beauty
by Anna Sewell is also available on Audio Cassette

Black Beauty was written to help people learn to treat horses better. The touching story was written in 1877, but the need for humane treatment of horses still exists today.

cover Cattle Drive
by Jacqueline Ward
These horses obviously hadn't watched cattle drives on TV or in real life. When they first heard the term "cattle drive," they thought the cattle might be riding in a truck. Their participation in the cattle drive was a funny mess. Children can identify with the horses' need to be introduced gradually to new experiences. In each of Ward's books, she helps children see the need to consider an animal's feelings. Each page is summarized with a line of large easy-to-read text for beginning readers.

cover Twist and Ernest
by Laura T. Barnes
See 8 sample pages at Ernest is a miniature donkey who is only two feet tall. The chickens and other farm animals don't pay much attention to him. He wants a real buddy. He is delighted when a big, beautiful show horse comes to live on the farm. He confidently pursues friendship in spite of early rejections. His persistence and enthusiasm result is a close friendship with the horse named Twist.

cover Ernest and the Big Itch
by Laura T. Barnes
See 4 sample pages at Ernest, a miniature donkey, accidentally disturbs birds in their bird house. The pole supporting the bird house is just right for scratching his big itch. Ernest finds a better solution in this gentle story of cooperation, problem solving, and friendship.

book cover The Blind Pony
by Jeanne Betancourt

book cover The Blind Colt
by Glen Rounds
A child gives a good home to a wild blind colt and successfully trains him.
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