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Children's Books by Betsy B. Lee

Excerpts from

Albert, the Apple-eating Appaloosa
Dolch Horse Stories

Betsy B. Lee 2002
All rights reserved
Published by Learning Abilities Books

book cover for Albert, the Apple-Eating Appaloosa

Albert stopped eating grass when he saw children walking beside the paved road. They were far away. He liked children. He started eating again.

"Do you see Mr. Rogers?" asked Beth as she sat on her horse. "He is Linda's teacher this year."

Albert looked and looked. He saw Mr. Rogers, another grown-up, and Beth's daughter. Then he saw them walk across the road toward him.

Oh no! thought Albert. They are coming to ride me! No Way! There are too many children! I am out of here!

He turned around and ran away fast.

Albert, the appaloosa wearing a hat

This is just the beginning of the first story.

See how the children won Albert's heart.

Enjoy the other short stories about Albert.

Find words in word search puzzles.

Visit other pages on this site for more pictures of Albert and his friends.


Albert and the School Children
A Hurt Leg
Getting Out
Horse Talk
The Police
Goodbye Mister
A New Home and New Friends
Word Search Puzzles
For Teachers and Parents

For Teachers and Parents

This book is similar to my Funny Dolch Word Book series. Those books have no pictures. See excerpts on my Learning Abilities Books site. This book is different from my other Dolch books because it helps students practice different endings of Dolch sight words.

Albert, the Apple Eating Appaloosa book has one picture per story.

Benefits of having few pictures

1.  Most of the words in this book are Dolch words. Many Dolch sight words can't be sounded out.

2.  Many Dolch words can't be guessed by pictures. For example, we can't draw a picture of at, was, saw, to, from, there, their, and go.

3.  Pictures of the actions and scenes often lead to lucky guesses. Sometimes they lead to wrong guesses.

4.  These stories can be enjoyed by any age child or adult. This book is about the horse and the many people in his life. This book and the Funny Dolch Words Books have been used from Kindergarten through adult literacy classes and English as a second language classes.

5.  Creativity can be developed by having students form their own mental images. Some might want to draw their own illustrations on extra paper.

E. W. Dolch surveyed many books. He made lists of words which are found in 50% to 75% of children's books. Dolch words need to be recognized instantly without depending on pictures for cues. Many of these words cannot be sounded out. Open a new window to my Learning Abilities Books site for Dolch word search puzzles using all of the 220 words and many of the Dolch nouns. At that site, see other activities for learning Dolch words.

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