Sarah Ann Lee and Albert in the azaleasSarah Ann Lee and Albert in the azaleas
Sarah Ann Lee and Albert in the azaleasAlbert and rose bush

Albert and my daughter, Sarah Ann, are in the first three pictures. These were taken on Mrs. M. E. Owen's property where we kept Albert for several years. This is about a half of a mile from Glyndale Elementary School, Brunswick, GA. Sometimes, a school field trip consisted of walking to Albert's home for a ride which also included treats for Albert.

The last picture shows Albert at our home where he lived his last years. We fenced the back yard for him. He had an acre bordered on one side by a wooden fence, on one side by a chain link fence, on another side by a wire fence which became covered by a thick hedge, and on the back side by the marsh and a salt water creek. He never tried to set foot in the marsh mud or the creek.

Albert was a family pet for 16 years. He lived to be 26 years old. Six Rose of Sharon bushes which are planted in the shape of a capital "A" mark his grave. A poinsetta is in front of the A.

He loved roses. How do I know? He loved to eat them!