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Fifteen Year Old "C" Student Refutes Deconstructionist

Anyone can see the NONSENSE of Deconstructionism, that is except College Professors and their minions!

C Student & Father at "Father Daughter" dance.
Is College a waste of time & money?

A young Derrida, Poster Child for deconstruction
"All beliefs are formed by one's culture" (Derrida's belief, ergo, was formed by his culture.)

"LONG ago in a galaxy far away" ... 
In reality, back in the l980's at a "well known"  Philadelphia area university *, a C student of fifteen years of age went to an evening philosophy lecture with her mother.  Mother was enrolled there in philosophy classes and was very interested in attending lectures. 
The prestigious guest lecturer was flown in to enlighten all, of course using college funds.
He began his talk with something like this:  "We read a text.  We hear words from a speaker.  We do not know, because we are not the other, what the other actually means by these written or spoken words.  We can, however, know what these words mean TO US."
"This is the importance of the text and spoken word: what it means to US, for we will nor cannot ever know what it means to the speaker/writer."  (1 hour long talk elaborating on the same theme, over & over & over & over ad infinitum)
Former C student, now a home schooling mother of four, recently told your philosopher that she remembers the professor kept repeating himself over and over again.  She remembers asking "Why does he keep saying the same thing?" and that she noticed he contradicted himself, 
She also asked her mother why he kept repeating himself and said "That doesn't sound right."
What she also said to mother was:  "Why is he even talking to us if no one can know what he means?"  
Does that say it all?  Mother just laughed to herself.
Many C students are great.  This one was not impressed nor intimidated by the University setting nor the fact that this man had a Ph.D. in Philosophy.  She just took his words as they were spoken and applied "common sense".
Even if his theory were true, and he believed it, the logical thing for him to do would be not to write nor speak to try to communicate this theory to anyone!   One ancient skeptic did just that.  He ended up not speaking at all, but just wagging his finger.
And we spent all that money to send a speaker to us who might as well have been standing on the podium wagging his finger for an hour..  
Instead of all those wordy meaningless books he wrote on deconstruction, our professor should have published a book which only contained pictures of himself wagging his fingers from different angles.   
Why do we need to spend University money to send a person here or there who does not believe he can communicate with us? 
The whole deconstruction fiasco is nonsense and should be laughed to scorn, for there is no rational dialogue possible with this bunch.
*(Proper names are omitted to protect the guilty.)

"Men may come, and men may go, but the gullibility of man remains steadfast."   Annonymous

Truth is the conformity of mind to reality.