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"A Liberal is someone who only wants to be free from the consequences of freedom"  Mike Adams


Below: Michel Foucault "insisted that interpretations are imposed on us by the culture."...   If that is true, what Foucault has just told us is imposed upon him by his culture.   Which leaves him as ignorant of truth as he obviously believes the rest of us are...  The end result of this is intellectual nihilism.   That means The HUMAN INTELLECT AS A REASONING THING IS USELESS !  (And if that is true, so is his.)

Modern Gnostic & philosophy Villain
Michel Foucault

Fifteen year old C student refutes Deconstructionist Ph.D.  !    See new page for this amusing report

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Essay on "What post moderns & post/moderns believe is totally contradictory.. Those things which can be absolutely proved from self evident principles, they deny.   Those things which are unprovable or unproven, they hold to ferociously as fact." 
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Typical Teenager: example of VOID Self !
Buddha: "The self is void."

Monday, February 7, 2011

(SEE PICTURE OF CIGAR SMOKING  beach sitter at top of the page.)
We have hired a new philosopher to sit on the beach and figure out the purpose of life and the distinction between Liesure and loafing.  Hope is in the air that This cigar smoker will come up with new insights..
(He came much cheaper than the old philosopher we hired.)
12:02 pm est

I want to tell the philosopher we hired for the last few summers the same thing Donald Trump says to some of  his apprentices:  YOU ARE FIRED !    
After we spent all that money to keep you on the beach thinking about Liesure and loafing...  You have come up with nothing again..
I don't think there is a law suit possible, but we want you to know, if you ever come back to this beach PAY YOUR OWN WAY..
11:48 am est

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thank heavens!
After several years he's back ! 
I mean the Pipe Smoking Philosopher whom we hired several years ago to sit on the beach for a month  to contemplate the distinctions between leisure and loafing. 
 Since so many of our readers are fascinated, and indeed puzzled, about the problem of this distinction, we have hired our Beach Sitting Pipe Smoking Philosopher back for another try at solving this complicated thorny problem.
In his last try, NO CONCLUSIONS were forthcoming after hours and hours of laborous advanced deep thought, contemplating the subject at the beach for ONE WHOLE MONTH.
We have decided that we should hire him again at great expense, (this time at a lower rate because of the weak economic situation, but truthfully it still is a heafty one!)
NOW great progress is expected!
At the end of July 2010, we will publish his conclusions.
We all pray that our favorite living philosopher may obtain great enlightenment on the subject.
(The philosopher's picture is on the side of this text).
10:09 am edt

Friday, August 14, 2009

Aristotle talked about the principle of non-contradiction
Modern philosophers rarely talk about it and even more rarely use it..
7:35 pm edt

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's up..?
Your thinker here is perplexed by people falling for logical fallacies, sophisms.  All someone has to do is have a personality and chant undefined slogans like "Change",  "Hope"    We should think when we hear these words, "Change to what?"   "Hope for What?"  and how do you define hope anyway.
We need to be educated in logic..  We need to learn to recognize undefined terms when we see them...   If we don't start looking for specifics from our leaders, we may get what other uneducated countries got.   SLAMMED!
11:22 am est

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Euteneur: "A conscience is a terrible thing to lose."

Poster Child for Sartre's "NAUSEA"


Philosophical Younglings
With cat: pet of choice of philosophers

The intellectual below (and we know his is one because of the characteristic pipe in hand) sat on the beach for one whole month contemplating the distinction between "leisure & loafing". He now claims he has come up with NO answers, even after  long serious speculation, which has cost him  much mental anguish and toil. 

Philosopher comtemplating Leisure and loafing
In one month of continuous speculation, NO answers came.

Below: Beach Sitting as culture is the result of liesure.
"In times of cultural eclipse, even dwarves cast long shadows."

Poster Child for: Leisure is the basis of Culture.
Beachsitting : "Dwarf casting a long shadow."

Existential Angst !

Heidegger: Plunged into dread
Enjoying Authentic Existential Angst and Alienation

Below: Poster child for Nietzche's Superman. 
If I may add: also a poster child for Derrida's allegation that "There is no natural maternity".
She also wants you to know that she "loves cooking and long walks on the beach..."

Poster Child for Nietzche's Superman
"Man is something which will be overcome!"

Timothy Leary: "Drugs are a cure for reality."

What Derrida and Foucault were smokin'
Still Smokin'

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Truth is the conformity of mind to reality.